Road Closures

In the interest of the safety and intact toes, the following roads will be closed on April 1st, 2017 during their listed times. Cars are allowed to pass when there is a break in the line of runners, however this is a slow process and you may be better off using an alternate route.

Course StreetIntersecting StreetClosure StartClosure EndTotal Delay
WashingtonJackson7:10 AM7:21 AM0:11
WashingtonCollege7:10 AM7:22 AM0:11
WashingtonLumpkin7:11 AM7:23 AM0:12
WashingtonHull7:11 AM7:24 AM0:13
HullClayton7:11 AM7:25 AM0:13
HullBroad7:11 AM7:25 AM0:14
BroadLumpkin7:11 AM7:25 AM0:14
BroadCollege7:12 AM7:29 AM0:16
BroadJackson7:12 AM7:30 AM0:17
BroadSpring7:13 AM7:30 AM0:17
BroadThomas7:13 AM7:31 AM0:18
BroadThomas7:13 AM7:31 AM0:18
BroadFoundry7:13 AM7:34 AM0:20
BoadHickory7:14 AM7:34 AM0:20
BroadWillow7:14 AM7:36 AM0:21
WillowHickory7:16 AM7:43 AM0:26
WillowNorth7:16 AM7:44 AM0:27
WillowElizabeth7:17 AM7:46 AM0:28
WillowCollege7:17 AM7:47 AM0:29
CollegeElizabeth7:18 AM7:51 AM0:32
CollegeMLK7:19 AM7:52 AM0:33
MLKRuth7:19 AM7:55 AM0:35
MLKStrickland7:20 AM7:57 AM0:36
MLKNorth7:20 AM7:59 AM0:38
MLKFourth7:21 AM8:00 AM0:39
MLKOdd7:21 AM8:01 AM0:40
MLKThird7:22 AM8:05 AM0:43
MLKSecond7:25 AM8:16 AM0:51
MLKE Broad/First7:26 AM8:18 AM0:51
MLKMulberry7:26 AM8:19 AM0:52
MLKPoplar7:27 AM8:21 AM0:54
S PoplarMulberry/Branch7:27 AM8:21 AM0:54
PoplarOak/Oconee7:27 AM8:24 AM0:56
Oak/OconeeWilliams7:29 AM8:28 AM0:59
WilliamsMitchell7:29 AM8:28 AM0:59
WilliamsStone Mill7:29 AM8:31 AM1:01
BaldwinS Thomas/E Campus7:30 AM8:32 AM1:02
E CampusHooper7:30 AM8:33 AM1:03
HooperSanford7:31 AM8:35 AM1:04
SanfordField7:31 AM8:37 AM1:05
SanfordCedar7:32 AM8:41 AM1:08
SanfordCedar7:32 AM8:41 AM1:08
SanfordSoule7:33 AM8:43 AM1:10
SanfordW Green7:35 AM8:50 AM1:15
SanfordCarlton7:35 AM8:51 AM1:16
SanfordCarlton7:35 AM8:51 AM1:16
CarltonSmith7:36 AM8:53 AM1:17
CarltonD.W. Brooks7:10 AM7:20 AM0:10
D.W.BrooksColleseum Parking7:10 AM7:20 AM0:10
CarltonE Campus7:37 AM8:57 AM1:20
CarltonE Campus7:37 AM8:57 AM1:20
E CampusGreen7:37 AM8:59 AM1:21
E CampusCedar7:39 AM9:04 AM1:25
E CampusField7:39 AM9:06 AM1:26
E CampusRiver7:40 AM9:09 AM1:29
River RdRiver Rd Split7:44 AM9:22 AM1:38
River RdCarlton7:46 AM9:30 AM1:44
Carlton StUGA Medical Entrance7:10 AM7:20 AM0:10
Carlton StCarlton St Split7:10 AM7:20 AM0:10
Carlton/RiverCollege Station7:46 AM9:31 AM1:45
College StationE Campus7:46 AM9:32 AM1:45
E CampusAgriculture/Riverdale7:48 AM9:40 AM1:51
E CampusMilledge Ave Ext7:50 AM9:44 AM1:54
Milledge Ave ExtPinecrest7:50 AM9:45 AM1:55
Milledge Ave ExtS Milledge Ave7:50 AM9:45 AM1:55
S Milledge AveGrand Ellen7:50 AM9:45 AM1:55
Grand EllenMilledge Ave Church Entrance7:50 AM9:46 AM1:56
Milledge Ave ChurchExit at Marion7:51 AM9:48 AM1:57
MarionCarlton Terrace7:51 AM9:48 AM1:57
Carlton TerraceParkway7:51 AM9:49 AM1:57
Carlton TerraceMiledge Heights7:52 AM9:51 AM1:59
Carlton TerraceMilledge Terrace7:52 AM9:53 AM2:00
Carlton TerraceS Lumpkin7:53 AM9:56 AM2:03
S LumpkinMilledge Cir7:52 AM9:53 AM2:00
S LumpkinMilledge Cir7:52 AM9:53 AM2:00
Milledge CirCastalia7:54 AM10:01 AM2:06
CastaliaOakland7:55 AM10:02 AM2:07
OaklandMilledge7:55 AM10:03 AM2:08
MilledgeWoodlawn7:55 AM10:04 AM2:08
MilledgeRutherford7:55 AM10:05 AM2:09
MilledgeRutherford7:55 AM10:05 AM2:09
MilledgeCloverhurst7:56 AM10:06 AM2:10
MilledgeSpringdale7:56 AM10:07 AM2:11
MilledgePeabody7:58 AM10:15 AM2:16
MilledgeBaxter7:59 AM10:16 AM2:17
MilledgeHenderson7:59 AM10:18 AM2:18
MilledgeWaddell7:59 AM10:19 AM2:19
MilledgeDearing8:01 AM10:25 AM2:23
MilledgeBroad8:01 AM10:25 AM2:23
MilledgeBroad8:01 AM10:26 AM2:24
MilledgeReese8:02 AM10:28 AM2:25
MilledgeHancock8:02 AM10:29 AM2:27
MilledgeMeigs8:03 AM10:31 AM2:28
MilledgeHill8:03 AM10:32 AM2:28
HillFranklin8:03 AM10:33 AM2:30
HillChase8:04 AM10:35 AM2:30
HillChase8:04 AM10:35 AM2:30
HillBillups8:04 AM10:36 AM2:32
HillPlaza8:05 AM10:38 AM2:33
HillHillcrest8:06 AM10:42 AM2:36
Hillcrest/BrookwoodKing8:07 AM10:46 AM2:38
KingHill8:07 AM10:48 AM2:40
KingCobb8:08 AM10:50 AM2:41
CobbHillcrest8:08 AM10:52 AM2:43
CobbBillups8:09 AM10:52 AM2:43
CobbChase/Prince Pl8:09 AM10:54 AM2:44
CobbFranklin8:09 AM10:55 AM2:45
CobbMilledge8:10 AM10:57 AM2:46
CobbHarris8:10 AM10:58 AM2:47
CobbPrince8:11 AM11:00 AM2:49
PrincePope8:11 AM11:01 AM2:49
PrinceHill8:11 AM11:02 AM2:50
PrinceFinley/Barber8:12 AM11:03 AM2:51
PrinceNewton8:12 AM11:04 AM2:52
PrinceMeigs8:12 AM11:05 AM2:52
PrincePulaski8:12 AM11:06 AM2:53
PulaskiHancock8:13 AM11:08 AM2:54
HancockHull8:13 AM11:09 AM2:55
HancockLumpkin8:14 AM11:11 AM2:56
HancockLumpkin8:14 AM11:11 AM2:57
HancockCollege8:14 AM11:12 AM2:57
HancockJackson8:14 AM11:13 AM2:58
HancockThomas8:15 AM11:14 AM2:59
ThomasE Dougherty8:15 AM11:15 AM3:00
E DoughertyClassic Entrance8:15 AM11:15 AM3:00